Grace Classical Academy Mission Statement

The mission of Grace Classical Academy is to provide an education to help our children know the love, grace, truth, and holiness of our glorious God and, from this understanding, to strive for excellence in knowledge, wisdom, and service.

Grace Classical Academy approaches education from a biblical Christian worldview and with the understanding that Christianity is more than a subject to study: it is the lens through which all knowledge is viewed and interpreted. We teach the Bible as truth; we teach obedience to God’s counsel as wisdom in every area of life.

It is our view that education should cultivate a taste for truth, virtue, and beauty. We seek to encourage greatness in the students—the greatness of wisdom, goodness, stewardship, and accountability—the greatness of embracing and rejoicing in work, recognizing work as a gift to us from our Heavenly Father.

We believe that God has called Grace Classical Academy into existence for His Glory and to fulfill His purposes:

  • By serving as a challenging educational resource, consciously informed by a Christian view of reality and available to parents seeking to fulfill their responsibility to train and prepare the children God has entrusted to them.
  • By providing an educational environment where students may be nourished intellectually and spiritually and where they are safe to study, question, and grow toward being the unique person God has called them to be.
  • By cultivating and modeling a desire for truth, virtue, and beauty. We seek to encourage the same greatness in the administration and staff as we encourage in the students.
  • By utilizing the classical structure of education which recognizes the three learning phases of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.
  • By declaring openly our commitment to God, who has revealed Himself generally in what He has created and specially through His Scriptures, the redeeming work of Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This special revelation provides the only point of integration by which man may better understand life and existence.
  • By acknowledging, examining, and confronting those conflicts which arise when God is negated and a different view of reality is held as central to human understanding.
  • By equipping students to understand the great questions with which humanity has grappled throughout history and by preparing them to live in and challenge their culture as humble, thoughtful, and godly men and women.

It is the goal and purpose of Grace Classical Academy to be a ministry to the families of this community. Those involved in the school in any capacity are stewards responsible to God for one of the most valuable gifts God has given us—our children.