Are you affiliated with a particular church or denomination?

Grace Classical Academy is not organizationally aligned with any church or denominational organization. The school is, however, firmly based on the authority of Scripture as reflected in our Statement of Faith.

Do you require uniforms?

Although many schools offer quality education without uniforms, we have chosen to wear uniforms. We wear uniforms because they do away with many distractions that complicate the learning process. Uniforms also help the students learn to dress for a purpose, out of respect for others, rather than dressing solely for their own pleasure. The uniform code can be found in the GCA handbook.

What are the sizes of your classes?

We are committed to a class size and to an environment that is orderly and calm. We view academic excellence as each student achieving at his/her full potential. Each student is encouraged to compete against a standard of excellence and not against other students. Our goal is to create an environment where helping others be successful, rather than being number one, is the focus. In order to achieve these goals, we strive to keep class sizes as small as possible.

How much is tuition?

Tuition costs fluctuate based on the number of children a family enrolls at GCA. Tuition costs can be found here.